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Kava farmers to receive not more than $5,000 of ESP

21 January 2021
McKinnie Dentana.

KAVA Farmers whose applications have been approved under the Economic Stimulus Package (ESP) is expecting to receive just four to five thousand dollars for their kava projects.

Speaking during the radio talk-back show early this week, the Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Finance and Chairman of the ESP Committee Mckinnie Dentana said that kava farmers only need four to five thousand dollars according to expert advice.

“Based on advice, kava farmers only need general tools to do the work which do not attract much and hence, the four to five thousand dollar allocation is sufficient,” Mr. Dentana said.

He said that his officers have carried out thorough scrutiny as to the needs of kava farmers and what areas and activities they may be assisted in.

“The important thing is to ensure the funds are channeled to areas and activities of need.

“Those in the approval list need to talk with our team to see what areas or priority activities you need to channel the funds to support your project,” he said.

He said that all provinces are treated separately because the allocation for projects varies from one province to another.

 He further iterated that the committee has received a huge number of applications from Kava farmers most notably for Malaita and Temotu Provinces.

“So with this high turnout of applications for kava farming alone, the technical and the implementing committees are bound to ensure that at least everyone is given something to keep his/her farm running.”

Mr. Dentana said as of last Friday, around $SBD209 million have been spent, thus about $SBD100 million is left from the ESP budget. 

By FOLLET JOHN                                                                                                                                                           
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