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Domestic violence, sorcery related crime on the rise in Malaita

26 January 2021
Acting PPC for Malaita province, Michael Ramosaea.


Domestic Violence (DV) and sorcery-related crime are on the rise in Malaita Province says the Acting Provincial Police Commander (PPC) for Malaita Province Inspector Machiel Ramosaea.

PPC Ramosaea said so far police have attended eight DV cases in January where he said this alarming. 

He said all the eight DV cases involved husbands' assaulting their wives.

The PPC has called on husbands and wives to respect each other and not to provoke each other to a point that leads to DV at home where he said there is no need to hit a woman when a spoken word can still solve the issue better. 

The PPC also revealed that sorcery-related crimes are also on the rise in the province where he said people who have been accused of practicing sorcery were often treated as outcasts in the community making them subject to attack. 

He said over the weekend police were quick to defend a sorcery suspect in a community in Central Kwara'ae when the whole village chased after the sorcery suspect with the intention to cause harm to him. 

He said in some other cases, people who are accused of practicing sorcery have their homes burned to the ground where he said some accused were not able to live a normal life as they often received threats for their own communities just because they were suspected of practicing sorcery.

PPC Ramosaea has called those who grievances against those they believe and think practice sorcery to come forward to police with the suspect, settle the matter between them in a crime freeway, and do not take law into their own hands. 

He said lately, Auki police have dealt successfully with sorcery suspect cases, which resulted in reconciliations between parties, which stopped them from taking laws into their own hands. 

Auki News Bureau