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Chinese envoy in West

27 January 2021
Chinese Ambassador Li Ming arriving in Munda, escorted by Jeffery Wickham.

CHINESE AMBASSADOR His Excellency Li Ming has arrived in Western Province with the first leg of his visit stopping over in Munda, Tuesday.

He was welcomed by the Provincial Secretary, Jeffery Wickham, and other provincial government members. 

Mr. Wickham exclaimed it was an honor to receive the extended hand of friendship by Ambassador Li who is on his first visit since taking up his appointment last year.

In the last year, Western Province had made an official submission in the hopes of establishing a sister relationship with China, and the Ambassador's visit to the western province is reported to be related to the submission.

Ambassador Li and his team yesterday traveled to Gizo where he was expected to meet Premier David Gina.

Government officials in Gizo said progress on the sister-city relation is still at an early stage. However, they said the Chinese Province of Fujian has been identified as a potential sister-city candidate.

Gizo News Bureau