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06 February 2021
Dr. Jimmy Rodgers.

Government rates Feb 7 Charter as high risk

THE Next high-risk flight is scheduled to arrive tomorrow.

This was revealed by the Secretary to the Prime Minister Dr. Jimmy Rodgers during a radio talk-back show on Sunday.

He said this repatriation flight is covered under the approval of the cabinet last year and is labeled as a high-risk flight.

“The flight on the 7th of February 2021 is the final repatriation flight covered under the approval of cabinet last year. This particular repatriation flight is labeled as high risk.

“We labeled it as high risk because it will take people from mixed risk countries. Some will be from very high risk, some from high risk, some from moderate risk and so, that flight is named a high-risk flight,” Rodgers.

He announced that all high-risk flights will be accommodated at the east side of the Mataniko River as part of the plan agreed to by the Oversight Committee.

“We cannot bring in high-risk flights very regularly because we have limited accommodations on the east side of Mataniko River,” Dr. Rodgers said.

It was understood that some local students studying in Cuba will also be included in the Sunday flight.

“Yes, we will also be joining the rest of the passengers in Brisbane, Australia for the February 7th flight to Honiara.

“We are now in Madrid, Spain, and will be transiting through Dubai and then to Brisbane,” one Medical student told the Solomon Star on Friday.

By FOLLET JOHN