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Auki shops complying with laws

06 February 2021
The Malaita Province Food and Hygiene department confiscated these bags of rice suspected to be expired after it was sold for only $50.

THE Malaita Provincial Food and Hygiene Division is pleased that few shop operators in Auki have started to cooperate with the regulations imposed on them.

Provincial Food & Hygiene officer Mercy Nunua has acknowledged the operators who are now collaborating with the laws.

Ms. Nunua said, “such feedback has reflected a good start of working together with the provincial government and the responsible division mandated for food and hygiene in the province.”

She said last week they have confiscated expired goods that were sold at some shops in Auki as part of their duty.

This week, they continue with their inspections and removed few expired items with the help of the shop operators. 

“As of now, my office will carry out an inspection on a quarterly basis to make sure all shops in Auki are following the food and hygiene regulations that the provincial government passed,” Ms. Nunua said.