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Communities affected by floods

08 February 2021
Part of the road access to Laugwata village in West Kwara'ae damaged by flood waters. [Photo: Solomon Lofana]

Communities along Kwaiafa River in ward 3 of West kwara’ae in Malaita have been affected by flash floods last week.

The rainy weather has impacted the daily lives and work activities of the community residents.

Reports reaching the paper said flash flooding has denied the villagers from accessing roads to their gardens and workplaces.

The Solomon Star had witnessed that urban workers, students, and farmers have been affected due to continuing rainy weather which causes flooding in the area.

Few gardens, roads, and properties have been washed away as well due to continuous rain.

Most farmers have lost their gardens and road access was cut off denying them from accessing the markets.

Most of the villages along Kwaiafa and Sasale rivers are vulnerable to disaster.

Auki News Bureau