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More fishing devices for communities in Malaita

09 February 2021
Fisheries officers in Auki offloading the FAD materials upon arrival in Auki over the weekend. [Photo: Matthew Isihanua]

THE Malaita Provincial Government (MPG) is expected to deliver more Fishing Aggregate Device (FAD) projects to coastal communities in the province this year.

This comes after the Malaita Provincial Government has funded seven (7) FAD projects coastal communities in Malaita through the Malaita Provincial Fisheries office.

Malaita Province Government Senior Fisheries officer Mathew Isihanua stated FAD materials for 7 coastal communities in Malaita have arrived in Auki.

He said the project was funded by Malaita Alliance for Rural Advancement (MARA) government to implement its fisheries office annual work plan.

He said the FAD program has been a major activity of his office's annual work plan. 

“Materials for 7 FAD projects funded by the Malaita Provincial Government have already arrived. The FAD program has been a major activity of Malaita fisheries office annual work plan.” Mr. Isihanua stated.

It's understood that Malaita Provincial Government has been providing support through Fisheries Division to support FAD projects as part of providing services to its people down in rural communities in the province. 

Auki News Bureau