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In Court with Assumpta

09 February 2021

* Alleged fraudster yet to be summoned 
* Magistrate to inquire into accused’s state of mind

 Alleged fraudster yet to be summoned 


THE case of a man facing numerous charges of false pretense demanding with menace will be brought back to court on February 16.

Ngedea is facing 25 counts of false pretense and 21 counts of demanding with menace.

He was supposed to appear in court yesterday so that new trial dates can be fixed for his matter.

However, he did not turn up in court.

On the last court date, he did not appear in court as well and the prosecution was ordered to serve the summons on him.

Public Prosecutor Steward Tonowane told the court yesterday that the summons had been already prepared and signed.

But he said it was not yet served on Ngedea as they are yet to locate his whereabouts.

Principal Magistrate Felix Hollison, therefore, adjourned the matter and ordered the prosecution to serve the summons on Ngedea before that date.

He also informed the defence he will issue a warrant of arrest against Ngedea if he failed to turn up in court on the next court date.

Ngedea is facing charges in relation to allegations between 3 December 2018 and 20 July 2019.

The prosecution alleged he lied to an elderly doctor and collected more than $40,000 on numerous occasions.

He claimed the money he collected was for compensation for the complainant trying to have sex with his mother named Mary.

It was alleged that Ngedea made an arrangement with a woman to meet the complainant.

It was few days after a woman who identified herself as Mary went to see the complainant that Ngedea allegedly started to call and threatened the complainant for money.

Over a period of time, the accused collected more than $40,000 from the complainant that he claimed for compensation and settlement of the matter outside of court.

The accused also allegedly obtain money from the complainant to assist him to travel to New Zealand, and for boat repair.

As a result of this incident, the complainant’s business was allegedly bankrupt resulting in him leasing his property.



Magistrate to inquire into accused’s state of mind



A HONIARA Magistrate will be inquiring into the mental state of a mentally disabled man facing an arson charge tomorrow.

Peter Dagi, 42, is facing one count of arson.

The psychiatrist had assessed Dagi and already made a report confirming he is a person of unsound mind (mentally disabled).

It is now for the court to do its own inquiry into the mental state of the accused.

Dagi was accused of setting a fire to a copra building at Bwa on Lord Howe Island in Temotu Province in April 2019.

Steven Weago of the Public Solicitor’s Office represents the accused while Public Prosecutor Steward Tonowane is prosecuting.