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Maka’a calls for cooperation

11 February 2021
Julian Maka'a.

THE Premier of Makira Ulawa Province, Julian Maka’a calls for cooperation by all 20 members of the Makira Ulawa Provincial Assembly.

He made the call on Tuesday, February 9 in Kira Kira, the Provincial Capital following a claim by MPAs who are not in his Executive Government that a political instability exists in the Maka’a Administration, which must be resolved.

Mr. Maka’a said his administration has been in office for just over a year to carry out the people’s desires for development and ascertaining members are happy with what has taken place so far.

He said as all members of the MU Provincial Assembly have been elected to serve the province and its people, the best they can do is to work together to address their needs and improve service delivery.

Meanwhile, the MPA for Ward 5 of Arosi 2 in West Makira, Jackson Sunaone said there is an ongoing political instability in the Maka’a Government.

And he said because of the political instability, the sealed six-member Bench in the MU Provincial Assembly assures the people of the province it is more ready to support and lead a new Government.

Mr Sunaone said the team acknowledges the fact that it does not command the number, but it can claim it has the quality and set vision to lead the province if the Assembly grants it the mandate to do so.

He said, once that happens, the team will immediately entertain a Government for Restoration, Reconciliation and Normalization, adding the advocacy will be conducted on the framework set within priority flagship policies.

Mr. Sunaone said these are Segred Agency, Think Tank, Provincial Leaders’ Conference, Restructuring of Administration Machinery, and Provincial Revenue Base Strengthening.

He believes such governance policy initiatives advocate the roadmap for development advance and service delivery improvement and breaking the circle-cycling approach, to acquire development and effective services.

But Premier Maka’a said his Government has been working on similar ideas, with some already in the pipeline for kick-off.

He said with Mr. Sunaone’s wider experiences in both national and provincial arenas are more reasons why “I am calling for the cooperation of the full Assembly.

“With concerted efforts and by putting our heads together, we can advance our Province into the future.”

Kira Kira Correspondent