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Concern over Gizo white-Eye bird 

12 February 2021

ENVIRONMENTAL advocator and outspoken Malaita man from Ontong Java Lawrence Makili has raised concerns about the need to preserve Gizo white- Eye bird scientifically known as the Zosterops Iuteirostris only found on Gizo islands in Western province. 

Gizo white-eye (zosterops Iuteirostris) is a species of birds in the Zosteropidae family 

Mr. Makili said Gizo Island had been logged over by UNI-LEVERS later by KHY. 

He said the GIZO white-eye suffered the loss of its habitation resulting in the evidence of a declining population.

“Now considered as endangered species and needs immediate protection.”

He said the Gizo white-eye attracted tourists from all over the world. 

“Gizo white-eye attracted tourists all over the world. Bird Watchers visited Gizo every year,” Mr. Makili said

He said the last habitat for Gizo white-eye is now under threat by logging. 

He believes the Premier of Western Province David Gina has a proposal to log Gizo White-eye's already vulnerable habitat. 

“Please do something to save Gizo White-eye,”  Makili said.

However, he calls on the premier to discourage any proposed operation at Mile 6, because it is the last habitat for Gizo White-eye.

Auki News Bureau