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15 February 2021
Attorney General John Muria Jnr.

For mandatory pre-departure test


THOSE wishing to travel overseas will now have to dig a little deeper into their pockets to pay for the pre-departure test fee.

The new amount which will come into effect today is $1500 per test from the previous amount of $500.

This was announced by Attorney General John Muria Jnr, Sunday.

He told the nation through the fortnightly talk-back show that the new amount has been approved under the new health regulation.

The amendment has been signed by the Governor-General and gazetted already.

This paper understood its a requirement by overseas countries that those arriving in their countries must produce negative test results before being allowed to enter.

And government through the Ministry of Health and Medical Services had been providing the service to members of the public by charging a fee of $500.

But as of today, the new amount will come into effect, AG John said.

“The prescribed fees are being fnalised but as of tomorrow (today), there has been an increase in the free,” he said yesterday.

He said the other amendment in the regulation is charged to be imposed for the use of government quarantine facilities.

Not only that but those who breach the regulation, they will also be liable to pay for their test fees. 

Under the new amendment, there has been a reclassification of risk countries which have been categorised as; high, medium, low and Covid-free.

Now, these countries have been reclassified as; low risk, medium, high risk, and extremely high risk.

The AG has also acknowledged the Police and Correctional Officers for their continuous work in providing security at the border and in Honiara.