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Scholarship screening in process 

15 February 2021
James Bosamata.

ALL 2021 government scholarship results are expected to be released in April.

Screening of the Solomon Islands Government 2021 scholarship are now in the processing stage, Deputy Secretary at the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development James Bosamata said this during the radio talk-back show yesterday.

Bosamata has dismissed rumours circulating through the public that the results of the 2021 scholarship recipients have been released.

He said since the scholarship application was closed a fortnight ago, they are in the screening and selection process.

“In fact, it’s a process, it's not an overnight thing. It has to go through stages of the selection process,” he said.

He added it would take weeks or even months for the result to be released.

“So we are looking at around, perhaps April for the result to be released,” he said. 

He clarified that the 2021 scholarship will be effective in the second semester of 2021.

“As far the scholarship is a concern; it will start in the second semester because of the effect of the Covid-19 last year,” he said.

He revealed that the circle of the 2021 scholarship started late, thus they need to plan differently and start considering the factors that affect it.

“Therefore, it will not be effective at the beginning of this year as in the normal time.

“So those who have applied, do stay calm and relax as the process is taking its course,” he said. 

He also clarified that for those who have paid their own fees in semester one and will be given a scholarship in the second semester, the government would not refund their money.

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