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Auki police ‘ignore’ life-threatening situation 

15 February 2021

AUKI police appear to have ignored an urgent appeal to attend to a life-threatening situation in East Kwaio where an armed man is threatening members of the communities there.

According to reports relayed to Solomon Star two days ago, a man armed with a bush knife and a bar is threatening to kill anyone who approaches him. The man is also threatening to kill his three young children if anyone approached him.

The situation, which remains tense, began on Monday last week when the man who allegedly suffers from marijuana, burned down his Uncle’s house at Kwainibiriu Village, Sinarangu District in East Kwaio.

It is understood Auki police was “thoroughly briefed on the gravity of the situation” on Tuesday.

On Thursday, Solomon Star reported the matter in an email to Police Headquarters, Rove.

“There is a life-threatening situation at Sinarangu, East Kwaio where an armed man (he's armed with a bush knife and a bar) is threatening to kill anyone who tries to approach him. He is also threatening to kill his own three young children,” is the report sent to the Police Media in Honiara. 

“As of Mondaylast week, this man had torched his Uncle's house, which was completely burned down. The family has fled in what they were wearing (at the time). Last night village communities in the area did not sleep for fear this man (a victim of marijuana) could come around. This is a life-threatening situation that urgently requires an armed response by police NOW.

“A full brief on this life-threatening situation was reported to PPC Auki yesterday (Wednesday). He has yet to make a formal response to this life-threatening situation.

“But instead of responding, he took off to Malu'u where he was attending a launching of some sort. Is launching more important or life?”

The request for comments from police went unanswered until yesterday when the head of the police media, Desmond Rave responded.

“My apology for not replying to your email. Now I forward this email to PPC Malaita for his response and we will get back to you,” Mr. Rave said.

Newsroom, Honiara