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PS Dentana: 2021 Budget will focus on key areas 

16 February 2021
(PS) of the Ministry of Finance & Treasury Mckinnie Dentana.

THE Government’s 2021 Budget will be more focused on key priority areas and critical sectors.

Speaking during the talkback show on Sunday, Permanent Secretary (PS) of the Ministry of Finance & Treasury Mckinnie Dentana said the Budget Strategy was launched, Monday last week.

Mr. Dentana in a statement issued by the Prime Minister Press Secretariat said the Prime Minister’s Office, Finance & Treasury, Ministry of Public Service, and the Planning Ministry are leading consultations on the 2021 Budget preparations.

“Consultations have kicked off with other ministries and one of the key messages put forward is the key priority areas the Government will be focusing on in 2021,” he said.

The permanent secretary said the 2021 Budget will be centered on the government’s redirection policy based on the current pandemic and economic recovery.

“The policy redirection is prioritized by the Government and will be more focused,” he said.

Mr. Dentana said the next stage is after consultations with the ministries; the budget will be finalized and submitted to Cabinet before going to Parliament.

He said the 2021 Budget is expected to go before Parliament at the end of March.

“The Government is keen to pass 2021 by April so that implementation of programs can proceed,” he said.

Mr. Dentana said currently the country is operating under an interim budget, which only allows the Government to spend on critical services.

He said the Government is also continuing dialogue with development partners in terms of budget support.

Meanwhile, Secretary to Prime Minister (SPM) Dr. Jimmy Rodgers said, the Government’s redirection policy will be based on a 2021 Budget that is much more focused and cost-cutting, aimed at unnecessary expenditure.

He said the Government’s overall objective now is to keep our citizens safe and keep the economy afloat.