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Good start for Ngaligaragara RTC

16 February 2021
A class room building at Ngaligaragara RTC.

NGALIGARAGARA Rural Training Centre (RTC) in Central Kwara’ae electorate in Malaita Province has offered another two additional programs starting this year.

The programs are mechanics and electrical.

This means Ngaligaragara RTC now offers a total of seven programs, Bible studies, Home Economics, Agriculture, Carpentry and Plumbing, Mechanics, and Electrical.

This is good news for Ngaligagara local institutions, communities, and young people who wise to train and acquire home and trade skills at Ngaligaragara RTC.

The inclusion of these two programs has attracted many young people in and around the communities to study at Ngaligaragara.

The school commenced registration last week after a long break in 2020.  

According to school deputy principal John Dauara, more than 30 students have enrolled for this year.

He said the number of students coming in continues to increase compared to past years.

He said the current Ngaligaragara administration encourages parents and guardians to support the school and students with their programs as part of developing communities at rural areas.

The school fee for this year is $1000.

Auki News Bureau