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Call to respect development plans

16 February 2021
Mr. Nemuel Olofisau.

An outspoken man from Fataleka electorate in Malaita Province man has appealed to his people to respect the constituency’s ongoing development plans.

Nemuel Olofisau made the call after learning that few constituency members are trying to disturb the constituency plans and rollout programs. 

Mr. Olofisau said since Fataleka become a constituency, the majority of constituents didn’t benefit much from the constituency development funds.

“Since Fataleka become a constituency of its own the people didn’t receive or benefit from their entitlement or constituency development funds,” Mr. Lofisau said.

However, Mr. Olofisau acknowledged the current Member of Parliament (MP) for Fataleka constituency Rex Ramofafia for his good leadership by implementing a number of development programs.

Some of them are; the housing scheme, support to education, road construction, church building projects, support to individuals, schools’ staff house projects, maintenance road using the constituency fleet.

He, therefore, called on all Fataleka community leaders to work together with the current MP to push Fataleka forward by respecting the constituency’s development plans.

Auki News Bureau