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Is there are network of thieves with RSIPF?

18 February 2021

IT has been suggested that a “network of thieves” exists within the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) – that network is now being investigated for the missing $300, 000-plus exhibit money which has gone missing since last October.

“Identifying members of the network, their ranks, and where they are stationed is what makes the investigation complex and difficult. What the Professional Standards Internal Investigation (PSII), which heads the investigation is doing is to piece together all the relevant information to make a case,” those close to the matter said.

“The PSII wants to, first of all, identify who the alleged members of the network are, what the extent of their alleged involvement as well as to establish who might be willing to give evidence,” they said.

“Given the scope of the investigation, it will not be easy and could take time.”

It is understood the other aspect being looked into was why the missing money took four months before Police Commissioner, Mostyn Mangau announced the theft.

The Commissioner was allegedly advised to announce the theft as soon as it was known, but he allegedly ignored the advice.

There is also the view why the exhibit money was moved to Police Headquarters Rove when all along the case belongs to the Criminal Investigation Division at the Central Police station.

It was their case all along. In fact, it was the members of the CID based at the Honiara Central Police station that retrieved the money from the One link money scheme.

Police Commissioner Mangau told his weekly news conference last week that a police officer has been suspended on half-pay. Solomon Star understands the officer is a sergeant and once headed the National Investigation Division – which was tasked to investigate serious criminal crimes.

The officer is said to be a frequent visitor to a Gaming Club at Point Cruz.

By Alfred Sasako
Newsroom Honiara



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