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Makili: Corruption leads to poor service delivery

21 February 2021
Makili Lawrence sharing information with Malaita public at Auki Central Market. [Photo: Wilson Saeni]

The act of corruption in the highest offices of the government is the reason for poor service delivery throughout the provinces of Solomon Islands.

A well-known local activist from the Malaita Outer Islands (MOI), Lawrence Makili Kepangi highlighted this during a public gathering in Auki last Friday.

During the event, the Malaita public was given the opportunity to hear about issues that are affecting the country and provinces. One of the headlines at the gathering is the issue of corruption. 

Makili said corruption is a big disease that has eaten the country away and is felt in the provinces, denying people from accessing basic services that the government of the day should provide for its citizens. 

He also talks about the three arms of the government; the Executive, the Legislature, and the Judiciary, and the need for them to walk independently to serve their purpose right.  

In his presentation, Mr. Makili also talked about logging and its negative influence on the country and poor decisions by the national government when dealing with loggers in the country. 

He also explained to the people about the tax system and how ordinary people have contributed to the tax system in the country and the way tax was used by the government.  

Mr. Makili then highlighted the need for honesty by leaders and government workers to allow the country back on the right track where he said currently the national leaders are not showing the way forward to its citizens. 

He went on to describe the Economic Stimulus Package (ESP) as a scam introduced by the government of the day. With that, he said citizens of this country need to know their rights and how to exercise their rights. 

Meanwhile, members of the public in Auki also thanked Makili for his efforts in preaching what is happening in the country during this unprecedented time. 

One Auki citizen told this paper that such awareness and information sharing sessions should be encouraged to keep citizens informed about what is going on in the country.    

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