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Local models complete remote Photoshoot 

27 February 2021
Blake Lee (L) and Mynisha Boso (R). [Photos: Ana]

LOCAL models Blake Lee and Mynisha Boso have completed their engagement in a remote Photoshoot with London’s professional fashion photographer and LPEW lead photographer Tim Copsey, at Heritage Park (HP) in Honiara, Thursday. 

The photoshoot was purposely for the London Pacific Fashion Week (LPFW) and to further build Blake and Mynisha’s portfolio as models which will be launched on a global platform. 

Speaking to this paper in an interview, Mynisha said the remote Photoshoot is a completely new experience for her and Blake together with local designer, Frances Shopia Do’oro of Proton Creations.

“It took an hour before we successfully connected to the phones and was able to see Copsey who is in London photographing,” she said. 

“Copsey didn’t rush me and Blake, he told us to do the poses and when he is satisfied, then he took photos,” Mynisha recalled.

Actually, two locations in Honiara were selected, HP and a yard east of Honiara. However, for some reason, they didn’t go to the second location because of time constraints. 

The remote photo shoot was done on phone using the shutter app, an app that allows a photographer to take pictures from a remote location on a high resolution. 

It is more like virtual shoots. This means both models and photographers use the app to connect and do the photoshoot. 

Proton Creation owner designer Frances Shopia Do’oro also confirmed the remote photoshoot as an experience of a lifetime.

Creative Director of LPFW, Ana Lavekau (in the UK) said this was the first remote photo shoot live in Honiara, Solomon Islands. 

“This is our first remote photoshoot live in Solomon Islands. This photoshoot is part of the 43rd International line up from other models representing the South Pacific,” she said. 

The photos of the two models are now with the LPFW lead photographer, Tim Copsey.

Newsroom, Honiara