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‘Waste Time’

02 March 2021
MUP Premier, Julian Maka'a.

Motion against Premier Maka’a


THE planned motion of no-confidence against the current Makira Ulawa Provincial Premier Julian Maka’a has no facts but only political interest for power hunger leaders which was described as ‘Waste of Time’

That's according to a Member of the Provincial Assembly (MPA) in the Maka’a led executive government who wants his identity withheld.

It's understood that MPA for Ward 5 in Arosi 2 Jackson Sunaone will move the no-confidence motion against Maka’a and his executive when the assembly meets this month March 17th.

This is the second no-confidence from Sunaone, the first was turned down because he had failed to submit adequate grounds.

But speaking from Kirakira yesterday the MPA told this paper that the current premier still has support from its current executive.

“The motion is not in the best interest of our governance therefore we will show our support to the premier to defeat this self-interest motion of no-confidence,” the MPA said from Kirakira.

When asked what grounds did Sunaone presented in his formal letter to the speaker for the motion of no confidence in the premier the MPA said the grounds were not adequate to remove the current premier and his executive.

According to the letter, Under Standing Order Part 6 Order 106 of the Makira Ulawa Provincial Assembly, I beg to move that the Provincial Assembly of this land no longer has the confidence in the current Premier for the reasons that,

  1. He does not have the capacity to deliver development and services as aspired in his number of statements of assurances, working documents, and planning instruments.
  2. He lacks the competency to provide orderly, responsible, and respectable governance leadership.
  3. He loses control on the appropriate spending of the provincial budget and ensures the strengthening of revenue collection.
  4. He advances unreal advocation of political developments hence cause the dispute to his position as Premier.

But the MPA who spoke to this paper said these grounds are not valid at all and it comes from some desperate leader who wants to get rid of the premier to advance their cunning and political interests.

“Remember the premier and its executive recently go tough on logging companies operating in Makira therefore we expect this motion of no-confidence.

“But I cannot speculate on this further but as we know there are some elements of logging tycoons pulling their strings to make sure the current premier and his executive are removed to make way for their selfish interests,” the MPA told this paper.

The MPA further stressed that this current government is serving the best interest of the Province under the leadership of Maka’a.

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