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‘Green light’ for Barakoma Airstrip’s proposed reopening 

03 March 2021
The Barakoma Airfield undergoing maintenance work by the Fair Trade Company.

THE Barakoma Airstrip in South-east Vella La Vella, Western Province has received ‘green light’ towards plans to have it reopened. 

According to a report reaching Solomon Star Gizo, Fair Trade Company is now being engaged in the maintenance and repairing work at the airstrip.

Barakoma Airport is a former World World II airfield on Vella La Vella. It was built by the US 35TH Infantry Regiment Landed in Vella on 15th August 1943 as part of the Solomon Islands campaign. 

Speaking to this paper in an interview over the weekend, Hansley Kianda, a Council member of Sikuni Tribe in Barakoma said they are ready to enter a new milestone as soon as the airport is open.

Mr. Kianda said for 30 years, there was no support in terms of developments purposely for the Barakoma Airstrip.

Now, there is welcoming news for the Sikuni Tribe and they are looking forward to working together with their Member of Parliament (MP), Fredrick Kologeto in the development of the Barakoma airstrip.

“Past Members of Parliament (MPs) have neglected many development plans for the airport.

“Now after some decades of negligence, Mr. Kologeto is carrying forward our wishes to see the airstrip operational,” Kianda said.

He added that the airport is expected to be completed by this month.

He said before the official opening of the Barakoma Airport this month, the Solomon Airlines Dash 8 aircraft will make a maiden flight to the airport first.

It is also everybody’s wish to see this new development bringing in more benefits and job opportunities for the people in the rural villages for a better cause.

It's understood, the government is providing support towards the upgrading of the airstrip.

Gizo News Bureau