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Damaged Dala Bridge to be fixed 

07 March 2021
Malaita Provincial Secretary Frederick Fa’abasua. [File photo]

The damaged Dala Bridge in West Kwara’ae will be fixed soon, says the Ministry of Infrastructure Development.

This was possible after the Malaita Provincial Secretary (PS), Fredrick Fa’abasua discussed with the Ministry last week.

It was reported that the Dala Bridge continues to cause hiccups to the travelling passengers of the North and East Road of Malaita Province.

Dala Bridge, which has not been fixed for a month now, has prevented vehicles that provide transport services along the North Road from reaching Auki town.

Vehicles to and from the east were forced to use a logging road instead. But it was a very dangerous road to travel on, reports said. 

Due to the damaged Dala Bridge, travelling passengers continue to be affected as they were forced to transfer to other vehicles along the road and paid more than the usual transport fare at least for the past month. 

Knowing the time taken to fix the damaged Dala Bridge has been dragged for some time now, Mr. Fa’abasua entered a discussion with MID last week.

The intention of the meeting was to request the ministry to fix the damaged bridge. 

As a result of the fruitful discussion, a local contractor based in Auki, Martin Wale was engaged to repair the bridge. 

According to information shared by PARU Communication, “There have been concerns raised on the Dala Bridge.”

“For your information, this has been the subject of discussion by our provincial PS and MID last week.”

“The outcome was that Mr. Wale's company is being engaged by MID to repair the bridge.”

“Information I gathered is that work on logs for the bridge is currently being dealt with.”

“Once that is being sorted, then construction will take place. We hope the contractor will work on the bridge and complete the work quickly.”

“There were strong sentiments shared on social media that MPG should just repair the bridge.”

“While respecting those views and feelings, MPG has taken the matter to the responsible and rightful authority.”

“This is what MPG is doing now. We hope MID will repair the bridge as soon as possible,” the PARU statement said.

In Auki