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Malaita Chief wants east Road fixed 

07 March 2021
Travelling passengers aiding the vehicle they were travelling in from one of the deteriorating parts of the North Road. [Photo supplied]

A concerned chief in Malaita has called on responsible authorities to fix the east road as soon as possible.

The road is badly damaged by the bad weather that is currently hitting the Solomon Islands.

Chief John Tori of Fouba village said Aluta, Koiabu, and Koare roads are the areas that are badly damaged at the moment.

“At these three areas where the east road passes through, passengers and truck crews will need to lend a hand to push the vehicle uphill.

 “But it is sad to see that people are struggling to push the trucks and it seems like transport owners will stop the transportation services to and from the east, once the road condition worsens,” Chief John said.

He added that one thing that contributed to the bad state of the road is no proper drainage.

“During the heavy rains, water will just flow into the road digging up soils which then turns out muddy.”

Chief John also called on East Fataleka and East Kwaio people to also support any plans to maintain the road because they too are the beneficiaries.

According to the Chief, “Transport owners are planning to stop servicing the east road if the road is not fixed.

“This will affect local farmers who are travelling to Auki and even Honiara, to sell their produces,” he said.

This paper was told that the bad weather does not only destroy roads but it also cause flooding where floods continue to damage bridges and culverts, along the east road. 

One of the obvious examples is the Dala Bridge in West Kwara’ae.

Newsroom, Honiara