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Women urged to build strong network

09 March 2021
Honiara City Clerk, Rence Sore speaking during the International Women's Day celebrations at the Museum Auditorium. [Photo: Lachlan Eddie]

HONIARA City Clerk Rence Sore encourages rural women to build a stronger network with stakeholders, government sectors, NGOs, and many more.

He believes that if women build networks with these sectors it would promote their agendas. 

He was speaking at the International Women’s Day celebration held at the Museum Auditorium, Monday.

 “May I encourage you to exploit this opportunity to develop your personal relationship and to build a strong network among you, for future cooperation, for the future work, and for durable friendship between all stakeholders and other sectors,” he said.

He added, it's important to build a professional network to promote the agendas of women.

Unlike last year’s women’s day event which was celebrated in a low-key celebration because of the covid-19 Pandemic, today (yesterday) was a big celebration, he added.

He said this shows the cooperation of all stakeholders, government ministries, embassies, NGOs, and churches.

“Participation of women and men in today's (Monday) celebration shows the commitment of stakeholders and everyone,” he said.

Monday’s colourful event commenced with a parade from Honiara City Council to Museum Auditorium.

A huge turnout of women and men were present to be part of the parade.

The parade featured members of;e CSSI, RSIPF, FFA, World Vision, Prime Ministers Office and Cabinet, Australia Embassy, New Zealand Embassy, SIFF Women, MEDHR, Solbrew, Guadalcanal Province, HCC Women, UN Women, Ministry of Women, and many more. 

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