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Two arrested over teacher’s death at Bahai

02 April 2021
Mostyn Mangau.

TWO of the three men suspected of assaulting an elderly man at Bahai, Central Honiara on March 26, had been arrested after the man died two days later at the National Referral Hospital (NRH), Police Chief Mostyn Mangau told reporters Friday.

Mangau said the two young men are now in police custody but are yet to be charged while the third suspect is still on the run.

“Around 9am on the morning of Thursday, (March 25) the deceased who is a school teacher left his residence at Marble Street, Tuvaruhu area and went to town,” Mangau said.

“On that evening at about 11pm, he attended the Scorpion pub at Kukum and shared a few beers with his cousin at the pub,” the Police Commissioner said.

At around 12 midnight the deceased decided to take the route back to his home that was when he left the pub and was attacked by three youths along the way.

Mangau said when the deceased came out of the Scorpion pub, one of the three suspects observed him.

He said the deceased then met up with the other two youths at the Bahai Red canteen, along the Highway. They then approached him and asked him for money.

“The old man told them he did not have money and so one of them slapped him.

“The old man fell down and hit his head on top of the tar sealed (road),” he added.

Mangau said this elderly man lay unconscious and some people carried him and placed him in front of the red canteen.

The police chief said the deceased was left unattended in front of the red canteen until between 9am and 11am the next day when a man came passed that area and saw him lying there.

He said this person then called the Saint John Ambulance to attend to the deceased.

“So the body was lifted by Saint John Ambulance to the National Referral Hospital (NRH) and two days later he was pronounced dead by the health authority.

“It is a sad scenario. A lot of people attended to this incident and no one took the initiative to call the police or responsible authority like the NRH or Saint John Ambulance to attend this victim who was attacked by these three people.”

Mangau said as citizens of this country we need to look after our lives and also look after our neighbours.

He said its important for people to step up and try to call responsible authorities for assistance when anyone needs help.

Mr Mangau said if you don’t have credit, you just dial 999, the free toll line.

“This line is not a line to call and abuse but is a line to call for any assistance in terms of security or any urgent or emergency needs when you need police support.”

Mangau also called on the community at Bahai to support and assist police in their investigation into the man’s death.

“Police investigations still continue and the community at Bahai are urged to come out very strong and support police in this investigation.”

He also called on the relatives of the deceased to stay out of the issue and not to take the law into their own hands.

“Let the police deal with this matter and take the people responsible before the courts.

“Relatives need to work with police come up with any information they have to help police with this investigation.”

Newsroom, Honiara