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Accused in HCC break-in to take plea 

08 April 2021

A MAN who allegedly broke into the Planning office unit of the Honiara City Council (HCC) in Honiara in February will be entering his plea to the allegation against him on April 20.

Daniel Lamotu who faces one count of housebreak-in and committing felony appeared in the Honiara Magistrate’s Court, Tuesday.

The court had heard that the outstanding material that the prosecution is yet to obtain is the photo album.

Public Prosecutor, Geitaba Waletofea who appeared on instructions of her colleague Nickson Tonowane said police had already taken the photos but is yet to print them.

Lamotu was asked if he had already made a request to the Public Solicitor’s Office for a lawyer, he said, “Yes, three times”.

Having heard from both the prosecutor and the defence counsel, Principal Magistrate Fatima Taeburi adjourned the matter to April 20 for plea.

She also directed the Public Solicitor’s Office to allocate a lawyer for Lamotu and for the prosecution to disclose all materials to the defence before the next court date.

She then further remanded Lamotu in custody.

Lamotu was accused of breaking into the Physical Planning and Building Service Unit office of the HCC between 12 to 15 February this year.

The prosecution alleged he stole three laptops, one desktop computer, one computer screen, and a laptop charger.

Newsroom, Honiara