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Suidani: Avoid negativity, let’s build Malaita

09 April 2021
Daniel Suidani.

THE Malaita Provincial Premier Daniel Suidani urges his people to do away with negative mindset and think the best for Malaita Province.

Premier Suidani said when terms like land dispute and lack of development come into mind, the first province that people think of is Malaita.

He added this has triggered some Malaitans to think Malaita is nothing, but a province full of land dispute and lacks development.

The premier said surprisingly some of the people who hold this negative mindset are Malaitans themselves.

The premier highlighted that it's time to change the negative mindset about Malaita, stop believing the stereotype information being spread about Malaita, and believe in Malaita, as a province with so much potential to rise above all the negativity and do what is right for its people.

The premier is of the view that if Malaita is able to work together and think Malaita for a while by putting its natural resources and human resources together to develop the province then Malaita is definitely on the right track to change all the negativity for positivity. 

With that, Mr. Suidani said USAID is now here in Malaita which gives an opportunity of a lifetime for the province to prove itself, that together Malaitans can build its province with assistance from its donor partners.  

Auki News Bureau