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15 April 2021

Villagers unhappy with the roads by planting suckers in muddy potholes


FARMERS in Central Kwara’ae, Malaita Province, have expressed their dissatisfaction by planting banana and taro suckers in muddy potholes along the south road in Central Kwara’ae.

The action was taken after numerous calls to the government to repair and fix their roads fail to happen.

Information reaching Solomon Star Auki said these farmers have requested the government several times since last year; however, the government did not respond to their calls.

The farmers earlier stated that if the government fails to address the roads, farmers will turn the pothole into swamp taro gardens.

And this week, some of the farmers have placed suckers inside the potholes.

A farmer at Fa’arau area in Central Kwara’ae Barnabas Boso told the Solomon Star in an interview this week that most parts of roads at the coastal sites in Central Kwara’ae are now in a deteriorating stage.

He said the situation has continued to affect farmers in terms of poor transportation service to reach the markets, especially in Auki and Honiara.

Boso added the bad road condition has also forced transport operators to increase their freights and fares.

“And this is a double slap to the farmers who are already suffering and affected by the COVID 19 pandemic.”

Mr. Boso calls on the current government to consider their plight and address the road infrastructures in the province immediately.

Its understood most roads in the province have been impacted by the continuous rainy weather.

The government this week has announced in Parliament budget allocation to fix roads in the country and Malaita Province will also be part of road improvement exercise.

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