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21 April 2021
  • Leaked document irks OPMC
  • ‘Secret Document’ reveals Cabinet decision
  • PM downplays Cabinet paper

GOVERNMENT Insiders say a hunt for the officer who allegedly leaked the secret information on the Cabinet decisions to extend the life of the Parliament is underway within the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (OPMC).

A Cabinet paper which supposed to remain a secret piece of document under the Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement (DCGA) made its way into the public.

The document carried the decision for Parliament to be extended from 4 to 5 years with Cabinet’s blessings.   

The leaked document also carried the bold word ‘SECRET’ printed on it.

Speaking to this paper yesterday the insider said the leaking of the classified document has caused huge disappointment within the Office of the Prime Minister and the Cabinet-level.

The insider said this is a clear violation of loyalty when serving under any government of the day.

This paper was told by one insider that only authorised Cabinet officer can have access to all the Cabinet papers.

“But yes, OPMC will look into this matter and try to get to the bottom of this issue to hold such officials accountable for their action against the government,” the insider said.

Meanwhile, in Parliament Member of Parliament for East Are’Are Peter Kenilorea Junior questioned Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare on whether or not the reforms currently pursued by the government are the basis for the policy direction to extend the life of the current parliament?

Kenilorea’s question came after Sogavare in his response to the Leader of the Opposition unintentionally said something on ‘extending the life of Parliament’, which should be a secret move before DCGA come up with a solid policy stance.

Sogavare in his response said that would be narrow to base the reason for the extension of the parliament on the reforms pursued by the government adding that given the right time he will outline the basis for that policy stance.

But according to the ‘SECRET DOCUMENT’ which was leaked and circulated on social media the Cabinet had already agreed for Parliament to be extended from 4 to 5 years.

Sogavare, however, downplayed the Cabinet decision in the Parliament in his responses on this matter.

He said the Government is fully aware that since the extension of the life of parliament will touch on the national constitution, such proposed policy will need to be grounded with a solid and valid basis in order to garner two-thirds support in parliament for the amendments of the national constitution and the relevant Acts of parliament.

“The government will be cautious and ensure that the due process of consultation must take place to ensure peoples’ views and opinions are taken on board,” he assured the parliament.

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