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Suidani to MID minister: tell the truth

22 April 2021
Daniel Suidani.

MALAITA Provincial Premier, Daniel Suidani has urged the Minister for the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development (MID), Manasseh Maelanga not to mislead the parliament regarding the incomplete road development at the national Parliament. 

The MID Minister who is also the Deputy Prime Minister told Parliament this week that MID has awarded the road development project from the entrance to Mbokona to the western end of parliament to Mr. Suidani's company. 

He also revealed that the project is a failed project. 

But responding to this, Premier Suidani said the minister should have checked his records before informing the parliament about the failed road project. He added, sharing untruthful information on the floor of parliament does not speak well of the minister. 

He went on to clarify that MID did not award the project to his company NBK, rather, he said the project was awarded to a different company. 

The Premier revealed that the owner of the company that was awarded the project consulted NBK to clear the road with an assurance that NBK will be paid for the job.  

However, he said after NBK cleared the road, NBK did not receive the money that was promised, which resulted in NBK withdrawing its assistance to the contractor.

“With that, it is not difficult for the minister to relook at MID records and verify what company actually took up the contract to engage in the road project.

“If the minister had done that, it would have saved him from telling lies at the floor of parliament,” the Malaita premier said.

Auki News Bureau