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23 April 2021
Guadalcanal Premier, Francis Sade.

Premier Sade calls on PM to deal with Provincial Government minister

Guadalcanal Provincial Premier says Minister for Provincial Government Rollen Seleso should be fired or reshuffled.

Speaking to the media yesterday Premier Francis Sade said the information he obtained was the minister highlighted that service delivery to the Guadalcanal Province through grant would be delayed. 

“This has come from the minister himself. It is sad for the minister to say that he will delay services coming into the province.

“That does not show good leadership but a childish attitude of the minister of provincial government. He does not have the capacity and the vision to drive the provincial government development aspiration. 

“After two terms that he has been the member of the provincial assembly, I do not think he learnt any lesson or how to drive the provincial government forward,” Sade said. 

“I’m calling on the prime minister to fire the minister or reshuffle him,” he said.

Meanwhile, he added whatever the Guadalcanal Members of Parliament and the minister have against him and his executive is unknown. 

“We have no idea of what they are angry about and why they want to destabilize my government,” the premier said. 

He added since the formation of his government the only thing that they are trying to do is to clean up all the mess left by the previous executives. 

“Our goal is to come and make the difference that will have the impacts on the lives of our people. 

“We do not come here for money, fame, or have power, but we are here to save the people of Guadalcanal province and the Solomon Islands,” Premier Sade said. 

However, he said his provincial executive will continue to support government policies. 

Newsroom, Honiara