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Seleso hits back at Premier Sade

24 April 2021
Rollen Seleso (L) says he is open and ready for consultation should Premier Sade (R) come to his right mind and want to raise further issues with him.

MINISTER for Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening calls on the Premier of Guadalcanal Province to stop his media tirades, man up and talk to him as responsible leaders would do. 

Rollen Seleso made the statement following the Premier’s call on the Prime Minister to remove or reshuffle the minister for delaying the release of the Province’s service grant.

But Mr. Seleso refuted the claim stating that the Premier must be in a different planet as he should be aware that the national budget was passed in parliament only on Tuesday 20th April 2021 and so the implementation of government’s statutory obligations has started at the later part of this week only and going forward.

“To say I delayed the service grant to the Province is a poor assumption and does not reflect mature leadership,” Mr. Seleso stated.

The Provincial Minister also called on the Premier to consult leaders in a respectful manner and not running to the media to get attention. 

Mr. Seleso added that those who are keen in grabbing attention in media not always benefit from their public rantings.

He said he is open and ready for consultation should the Premier comes to his right mind and want to raise further issues with him.

The Provincial Government Minister further urged the Premier not to harbor ill feelings against national leaders but instead foster a good relationship with them for the betterment of the Province and its people.

“Lest we forget, we are serving the same people of the Province and our overwhelming responsibility is to ensure that we discharge duties to their expectations- let’s not allow petty politics to dampen our good relationship,” Seleso concluded.