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Residents concerned over the rise of thieves 

25 April 2021
Gizo town. [Photo: MY Meduse Crew]

The rise of thieving incidents in Gizo has raised serious concerns by residents, the Sunday Star was told.

Reports reaching this newspaper’s office in Gizo last week claimed, Gizo residents are now stepping up on precautionary measures as the thieving incidents continue to increase.

Some residents have also reported that the stealing of valuable properties from homes is the main target by thieves. 

Few months ago it was reported that there are number of cases that has been reported to the Police. Most of those that were arrested are the same perpetrators, one resident said.

This month, the thieving incidents are decreasing, one Police source said.

A Gizo Top-Hill resident said such thieving acts are a reflection of someone that has no plans for his or her life.

“It is like they tend to steal anything they can for survival. This is a serious concern,” the man said.

The concern resident said this can be either jobless youths or adults.

“Whether the thief is a female or male, this is a total disgrace to the community and society as a whole.

“I am also a victim that loses some of my valuable items few months ago and this kind of action is very disgraceful and shameful. These people need to be caught and punished for their evil deeds,” he added.

He then encourages youths and adults that have nothing to do to engage in youth programs, and other programs that provide job opportunities, engage in sporting activities and other productive activities rather doing involving in illegal acts.

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