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Calls to upgrade court buildings

01 May 2021
Jeffrey Wickham.

Western Provincial Secretary (PS) Jeffery Wickham has stressed the need for the Justice Ministry to upgrade its building and infrastructure in various centers around the province.

PS Wickham said as far as justice sector is concern, there is a need to upgrade, rebuild and constructs new court buildings in the province for lawyers to have a proper standard building when doing their job.

He made this sentiment during a courtesy visit by the Minister for Justice and Legal Affairs to the Premier’s Office on Wednesday.

PS Wickham expressed that having witnessed the court buildings and infrastructures around the province, some of the buildings are too old with graffiti all over them which is not good condition.

He added it does not reflect the true nature of a lawyers out there trying to do their job and responsibilities at a conducive area.

“There is already surveys and planning have been done in the case of Munda, Noro and also in Seghe and Taro.”

He said Seghe Court House is owned by the province, however, two years ago the province decided to hand over the piece of land where the court house is to the ministry.

“This means all the court houses and infrastructures will go directly to the ministry so that the Western Provincial government can breath easily,” he added.

PS Wickham added they have not demarcated the area but they can do that as soon as plans are good to go.

He went on to say the province also had other large areas to submit to and in terms of residential houses for Justice Sector, the Public Solicitors, paralegal officers housing.

He added the province also expand its town boundary and some areas have been allocated for Prison Service, Solomon Island National University (SINU) Compass and the Provincial Assembly building will be at the Mile 6.

“But there are other areas that is available to secure land for your ministry,” the PS told Minister Rore.

The PS also raised concern over the increasing crime rates in the province.

“So access to the Justice Sector especially officers on the field is really needed and very important at this unprecedented times. 

“A lot of people are demanding justice, demanding land case to be heard and a lot have been going through a lot and by increasing the staff will help in order to cut down some of the cases”.