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02 May 2021

Govt: Mamara New Capital City is solution to housing impasse for workers

 At least 5, 000 executive houses are to be built for public servants at the Mamara New Capital City, according to the multi-billion dollar development’s Master plan.

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare officially launched the project, dubbed Mamara New Capital City, west of Honiara last Friday.

The opening page of the development’s promotional glossy booklet carries a design sketch of civil servant residential area with the artist’s impression of the type of houses being built for public servants.

Executive houses intended for public servants come at the 7th place on the list of 10 major areas being identified for development in the Mamara New Capital City plan layout.

Heading the list is An Administrative Centre District, a Business District comes in second place, a National Education Centre from early child-care centre to university comes in third.

Other facilities being developed are:

• Sports Centre;

• National Health Medical Centre;

• International Convention and Exhibition Centre;

• Public Servant Residential Houses;

• Other Residential Houses;

• High-End Residential; and,

• Duty Free/Export Processing Industrial Zone.


In terms of the Public Servant Residential Houses, the plan is “to build at least 5, 000 public servant residential houses to fill the great need for housing for government,” the plan shows.

It is unclear whether there is a connection between this proposed housing scheme and another initially intended for the Alligator Creek area. An Asian company was to have built the housing scheme.

It is also unclear whether the government has entered into an agreement with the developer, Metropolis Pacific Pte Limited, for the public servants housing at Mamara New Capital City.

There are three types of houses intended for residences – Type A being the largest is a three-bed roomed house covering about 255 square metres in land area while Type C – the smallest of the three – is a two bedroom which covers about 150 square metres in land area.

It is understood that the price of each house starts at around SBD1 million. The Sunday Star was unable to reach Metropolis Pacific Pte Limited on the phone number listed in the brochure.

According to the brochure, the buildings are earthquake resistant and fire resistant with thermal insulation and environmental protection with steel structure materials which can be recycled.

The Mamara New Capital City is being developed by Metropolis Pacific Pte Limited.

A ferry terminal would be built to take passengers on the 30-minute ride to Henderson International Airport, instead of the 15km ride by road.

Newsroom, Honiara