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NSO Staff take their COVID-19 jabs

02 May 2021
Staff of the Statistics office queuing up to get their jab.

STAFF of the National Statistics Office on Friday 30th April 2021 joined the rest of the country’s citizens in Honiara to take the COVID-19 vaccine before the vaccination program ended.

It was already a long queue before the clinic opened at 9am, a clear evidence that most people waited until the final day to take their jabs.  

They braved the hot weather and the long queue for almost five hours.

It was a welcome feeling to finally sit down in the cool environment inside the clinic, and to lay down on the beds in the cubicles after taking their jabs. The free water helped too.

The officers breathed sighs of relief when they came out, smiling at each other.

“I was eager to get to the cubicle for my turn but the truth was I was afraid too”, said the Manager of the National Statistics Development Strategy Project, NSDS, Anna Pitaboe.

“I thought it was going to be a lot more painful, but no”, Statistician Esther Paraerae said with a smile.

“I was also afraid at first, but when the nurse came with the needle, the fear was gone”, said Jayshree Bisilian from maintenance. 

The first group of NSO officers had gone to the Field clinic on Wednesday 28th April last week.

Their going had inspired courage in the other staff.

Earlier on Tuesday 27th April, an awareness program was conducted by the Ministry of Health and Medical Services at the Ministry of Finance and Treasury Headquarters.

Staff from all the divisions within the Ministry participated in the awareness session.

It helped to answer their questions, calm their fears and doubts, and convinced them to take the vaccine. 

Dr. Yogesh Choudhri and Adrian Leamana from the Ministry of Health and Medical Services facilitated the presentation.