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World Vision boss hail’s community beauty

04 May 2021
World Vision National Director Jimmy Nadapdap.

UATAE community in East Malaita electorate is blessed to have a beautiful place with a million dollar view to the ocean.  

This was stated by World Vision National Director Jimmy Nadapdap during last Tuesday’s handing over ceremony of a Jacob’s ladder to the community.

Mr. Nadapdap who made his first time to the community to visit a World Vision Project site said he was happy to visit the community and learn the potential of youths in Uatae community.

“Uatae is one of the beautiful places with resources.

“Of course we have challenges but I want to think and see positive angle that you have beautiful place and resources,” Mr. Nadapdap said

Mr. Nadapdap said he is looking forward to hear more about how the community, especially youths will benefit from the Jacob’s ladder project and transferred of knowledge to young generation in the community.

“We can always have nice project facilitated by NGOs like World Vision but the question is when the organization left, what will happen with the project. We don’t want to see project finish like that,” Mr. Nadapdap said.

Mr Nadapdap said he wants to see sustainability, follow up   and transfer of knowledge to young generation of the community.

He said World Vision is just to ignite or trigger the potential that is available and exist in the community.

“We are just the facilitator,” Mr. Nadapdap said.