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Photographers to hit the street for life saving fundraising

12 May 2021
Some of the members of the 'One More Shot' group. [Photo: OMS Film Group, Facebook]

A TEAM from the One More Shot (OMS) consisting of local photographers at Dreamcast will hit the street on Thursday 13th and Friday 14th May this week for the third time to raise funds to save another precious life.

This time its for Linda Mabo a 16 year old girl who is diagnosed with heart failure disease, a dangerous disease that have claim many life’s of many people in this country.

Linta’s family in North East Guadalcanal made a public appeal in this paper on 9th Sunday to the general public to support them to raise 300k for their daughter to be operated with heart failure (Congestion Cardiac Failure/Valvular Heart Disease 2o Rheumatic Heart Disease) in Australia.

Congestive heart failure occurs when heart muscle doesn’t pump enough blood to the whole body. It is a high risk disease that can result in hospitalisation or death.

According to Linda’s medical report which was signed by Dr Jason Itaku that Linda needs to undergo Heart Surgery since 18th March, 2021.

One More Shot (OMS) Photographer’s team in response to the appeal will team up to raise money to support Linda to undergo her heart surgery.

OMS team will set up a photoshoot-stall-booth at Honiara City Council Headquarters and old Pro 31 area.

This was confirmed by OMS President Daniel Kakadi via OMS chat group page on face book.

OMS team was formed by the local photographers with one goal to save lives of people who are desperately in need of health assistance by using the power of lens to raise money.

The statement OMS said that they want to save the little angel of Linda because she deserves a second chance in life.

“Be the change you want to see Save a life OMS team,” a statement from one of the local photographers, filmmaker and activist said Regina Lepping.

OMS team already videography the promotional video for Linda and Flash Card Hashtag are ready to be printed and laminated ready for the photoshoot on 13th Thursday and Friday 14th of April on this week.

If anyone wishes to save the little angel Linda please do come around the booth stalls for OMS team, take photos and give a little fund finance for little Linda.

Honiara, Newsroom