11 May 2021
City Mayor Eddie Siapu.

The new City Mayor Eddie Siapu chaired his first Executive meeting since taking over the Mayor’s position.

In his remarks, Mayor Siapu said he is overwhelmed by the confidence vested upon him to assume the leading role as the Head of HCC Governance.

“Despite all odds, this is the beginning of a new era as you have rightly chosen this pathway for us the new Executive to govern the affairs of the Council.”

Siapu said it will not be a smooth beginning given the challenges ahead in the first few months knowing already the cash flow situation at stake.

“But I trust our capabilities as elected official entrusted by our people to represent them in this Honorable house,” he added.

“My leadership approach is simply working together and not the adverse, hence my reciprocation in your confidence and trust in me is the new appointments of your portfolios,” he said.

Following the Gazette of the appointment of members of Honiara City Council standing committees by the Minister of Home Affairs Christopher Laore, the new Executive are;

  • Councillor for Mataniko Clement Terewauri - Chairperson for Education.
  • Councillor for Kola Francis Idu - Chairperson for Finance. 
  • Councillor for Naha ward Charles Chekah Aiwosuga - Chairperson for Health.
  • Councillor for Vuhokesa Luciano Sade - Chairperson for Lands and Planning.
  • Appointed Councillor Charles Lesimaoma - Chairperson for Law Enforcement.
  • Councillor for Cruz ward Dorah Huapii Irofia - Chairlady of Trade, Industry and Commerce.
  • Councillor for Panatina Leonard Saii - Chairperson for Works and Transport.
  • Councillor for Ngosi Wilson Mamae - Chairperson for Youth, Women and Sport.
  • Councillor for Mbuburu Mostyn Saferio - Chairperson for Culture and Tourism.
  • Councillor for Kukum Robert Oge - Chairperson for Waste Management.
  • Appointed Councillor Nina Davis - Chairlady for the Pacific Games 2023 Ad-Hoc Committee
  • Appointed Councillor Abel Arabola - Chairperson for City Boundary, Landfill and Cemetery Ad-Hoc Committee.

The Executive further approved that the Ministry of Home Affairs will administer the recruitment process of the new City Clerk and Treasurer.

Recommendations for the posts will then be submitted by the Ministry of Home Affairs to the HCC Executive for final decision and appointment.

- HCC Media