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AHC offers condolences to bomb victim’s family

11 May 2021
The Late Raziv Hilly. [Photo: Claude Posala]

IN A TOUCHING manner the Australian High Commissioner His Excellency Dr. Lachlan Strahan offered words of condolence to the family of last Sunday’s bomb explosion victim in Honiara.

The words spoken to the Premier of the Western Province David Gina on behalf of the family was taken to the heart by those who were present at the meeting in Gizo especially since the deceased’s mother is a WPG administration officer.

Commissioner Strahan expressed his shock over what happened and said it is sad to see that even after 76 years after the battle of World War II in the country, people are still becoming victims.

The news of the bomb explosion has captured the crying hearts of both young and old in the West especially to see such a situation end in the loss of such a promising young life.

Both government and non-government officials attending the meeting shared sympathy with Commissioner Strahan.

Raziv Hilly, lost his life after the WWII shell detonated at Lengakiki, West of Honiara last Sunday.

Gizo News Bureau