IS IT EXTORTION? - Solomon Star News


12 May 2021
HCC Law Enforcement officers removing the fence erected at the Kukum shoreline property. [Photo: Alex Dadamu Jr.]

EXTORTION allegedly involving one Honiara City Councillor is the latest accusation to emerge from the report into the Honiara City Council financial affairs.

A member of the public told Solomon Star on Tuesday the Councilor “used his position … to try to extort a huge amount of money from me.”

“When the chairman of his ward came to me I gave him $1,000 then he came back (again) and asked me to compromise and offer ... a package. To me package means huge regular payments that not only include money,” the man said.

The Councillor sent the chairman of his Ward Committee “to talk to me.”

“The person told me the Councillor was behind everything. He (the Councillor) wanted me to compromise and to offer him a package. I refused so they took down my fence at Kukum,” the man said.

“The fence has been there for nearly two years, they did not have any issues with it until now. It's not the fence this is the problem it's paperwork so why should they break down the fence?, the angry member of the public said.

Meanwhile, reports said that former City Clerk, Rence Sore, is suing the new City Council Administration for unlawful termination of his contract.

It is understood Mr. Sore is seeking close to $1.2 million in damages.

One report suggests lawyers representing Mr. Sore, are engaged in negotiating with the new City Council administration to settle out of court as going to court would cost a whole lot more.

Mr. Sore could not be reached for comments last night.