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14 May 2021
Wilson Mamae.

Mamae urges public to ‘stay out’ of HCC matters


FORMER Mayor and City Councillor for Ngosi Ward, Wilson Mamae has urged the public to refrain from making further blatant allegations and allow the responsible authorities to deal with HCC matters as stipulated in the Special Audit Report.

In an exclusive interview with this paper on Thursday, Mamae said at the moment there is only one legitimate report that the responsible authorities recognised.

“The only legitimate report is the Special Investigation Audit Report on the Accounts and Records of the Honiara City Council.

“This is the only legitimate report which was audited by Solomon Islands Office of the Auditor General (OAG).

“The report was also thoroughly scrutinised by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) in March 2021,” Mamae told this paper.

He further stressed that he is aware that the Leadership Code Commission (LCC) is also aware of this HCC issues and should be allowed to carry out their work independently.

“All the recommendations given in the report must be addressed and I believe the responsible authorities are dealing with it,” he added.

Responding to the recent call by the Opposition Leader and other individuals to dissolve HCC, Mamae said it is not necessary because it’s not the whole Council that was implicated in all these allegations of corrupt activities reported in the media.

He added that dissolving HCC should come from the Ministry of Home Affairs as the responsible ministry for HCC.

At the moment the ministry is not in the position to comment about the report compiled by former HCC Clerk Rence Sore, meaning they only recognised the report done by OAG.

“There’s nothing new in the report compiled by Sore because it only repeats the same issues in the Special Investigation Audit Report on the Accounts and Records of the Honiara City Council,” Mamae claimed. 

But the Solomon Star understands that what raises more eyebrows in the Sore Report is the revelation of officers that are implicated in the Special Investigation Audit Report. These include the unexplained wealth of certain HCC senior and junior officials, the missing vehicle which was used by current Mayor, Eddie Siapu as a private vehicle, and others.

Putting the Sore Report aside, Mamae said the public should allow the responsible authorities to deal with the HCC Special Investigation Report for the betterment of HCC. 

“We have a new executive and I believe the new executive will address these matters head on, if there are sufficient evidence to dissolve HCC then let the responsible ministry deal with it under our laws,” Mamae expressed.

This paper understands that the new HCC Executive was announced on Wednesday.

The executive is ready to execute their action plan for 2021-2023 to deal with the legitimate Special Investigation Audit Report on the Accounts and Records of the Honiara City Council head on.

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