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101 bombs discovered

18 May 2021
EOD team retrieving the UXOs at Gilbert Camp. [Photo: RSIPF Media]

OVER 100 US 105mm High Explosive bombs that remain after the Second World War have been discovered and removed at Gilbert Camp, East Honiara.

The unexploded ordnance (UXOs) were unearthed after two days operation.

The discovered UXOs are similar to the one that claimed the lives of two young Solomon Islanders during a deadly bomb blast at Lengakiki in Honiara more than a week ago.

Raziv Hilly lost his life few hours after the blast while the second victim Charlie Noda passed on on Saturday night.

A statement issued by Police Media Unit said, the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) within the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) removed 101 unexploded ordnance at Gilbert Camp in east Honiara during the two days operation.

The operation started on Sunday and concluded yesterday.

Officer-in-charge (OIC) EOD Inspector Clifford Tunuki said, EOD operators have unearthed 101 UXOs after they received the report from the community. 

The UXOs safely stored at Hells Points for render safe.

“EOD operators have identified the bombs, which is US 105mm High Explosive Projectile that remains after the World War II,” OIC Tunuki said. 

Inspector Tunuki said, since the UXOs pose great risk, he asks the public, especially those in Honiara and other provinces with high deposits of UXOs to report it to police or to have their properties cleared by a UXO clearance company if they intend to develop it.

“If you sight any bomb in your area, please do not touch or remove it, but instead I advise you to inform family members and other people to keep out of the area and let the police know about it so that our operators can remove it safely.”

He acknowledged the Gilbert Camp community for informing police about those UXOs. 

“This is the kind of working together we should do to safely remove those World War II bombs from our communities.

“The area of operation to remove those UXOs is safe and EOD team also do a 5 metres scan within the deposit area to make sure it is safe,” said OIC Tunuki.

The bombs were discovered by a resident in the area after he decided to dig a hole for latrine on Saturday.

After digging several metres down, he hit a metal object. On Sunday after he resumed digging, he discovered the UXOs and decided to inform police.

On Sunday more than 30 bombs were collected and yesterday a further 70 UXOs were unearthed.

Following the discovery of the bombs, members of the public have been urged to be careful when planning to conduct any digging.