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Sade urges Guadalcanalese in Buala to be good ambassadors 

06 June 2021
Premier Sade and GP PS, Mr. Timothy Ngele with the Guadalcanalese living in Buala, Isabel Province. [Photo supplied]

MORE than 10 Guadalcanalese living in Buala, Isabel Province, have had the chance to meet Premier Sade and GP PS, Mr. Timothy Ngele, Thursday afternoon after the official ending of the Isabel Province’s 2nd Appointed Day.

During the “turupatu sai” (tok-stori), Premier Sade states that he is happy to meet all the wantoks and expresses his sincere gratitude to them for their attendances. 

“I’m so grateful to meet each and everyone of you. Despite such a short-notice, your busy schedule and etc, you all made it to our turupatu sai” Premier Sade expresses. 

Premier Sade then takes his time to explain the achievements and challenges facing the provincial government. He also answers some of their questions and asks their opinions on how to resolve these issues together. 

“I’m not here to give you anything, but seeing all of you today is enough for me, because it shows that you will continue to look after each other and respect our brothers and sisters in Buala, and Isabel Province at large. 

“I believe in inclusive leadership, your opinion on certain issues affecting our province matters. I believe in the power of dialogue, informal or formal. We always learn from each other that way. 

“In wrapping up, I therefore urge you to become good Guadalcanal ambassadors and treat everyone with equal respect and dignity. Despite how small your community is, you’re the ones who represent your province. So, respect the chiefs, church elders, the provincial government and everyone here,” Premier Sade explains. 

Most of these wantoks are in Buala and nearby villages like Jejevo and Tasia (Island) for employment and religious (Anglican) studies. 

Some of them have been living for more than 30 years due to their familial connections. 

In response, many of them expressed that despite living in Buala for quite sometimes, they rarely know each other until yesterday. They therefore thanked Premier Sade for organizing the ‘turupatu sai’ with them. 

As a token of appreciation, he then shared the chupu with them. 

Premier Sade also did the similar event when he attended the Western Province’s 2nd Appointed Day last December. He meet with more than 200 Guadalcanalese in Noro Town, and then hosted a dinner for more than 10 medical students studying at Helena Goldie College in Munda.

The PS for Makira Ulawa, Mr. James Taeburi also accompanies PS Timothy Ngele during the turupatu sai. Mr. Taeburi was a former GP PS and had served the Guadalcanal Provincial government during one of its toughest times. Premier Sade also acknowledges his contribution towards the province on Saturday. 

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