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Six months in jail for phone theft 

09 June 2021

A YOUNG man who confesses to stealing a phone that was later returned to its owner has been sentenced to six months in prison, Tuesday.

Patterson Faisi, 20, was sentenced on Tuesday after he pleaded guilty to one count of simple larceny.

Deputy Chief Magistrate Ricky Iomea said Faisi’s action is a selfish kind of action and a clear demonstration of lack of respect for the property of the complainant. 

“This makes the offending serious,” DCM Iomea said.

He then imposed a 10 months’ imprisonment term but later reduced it to six months to reflect the mitigating factors.

DCM Iomea had took into account Faisi’s guilty plea, he is a first time offender, he is a young man who has a long way to go in life and that this is an opportunistic offending and not pre-planned.

“The accused had not benefited from the offending as the phone was recovered.”

“I am of the view that a shorter sharp imprisonment term should be seen as proportionate to the offence committed and will still serve the purpose of punishment, deterrence and rehabilitation.”

The six months jail term was ordered to be backdated to April this year when Faisi was remanded in custody.

The incident happened on 14 February this year at Tasahe B area, Honiara.

On that day, the complainant parked his car outside his residence when he was approached by the accused and an unknown person who asked for cigarettes.

It was heard that while the complainant asked the unknown person to carry a gift for his wife, the accused bent over and picked up the complainant’s mobile inside the car.

The mobile phone which is an A20 was valued at $3,200.

Having removed the mobile phone, the accused pretended to look for a cigarette lighter and then escaped.

When the complainant realised his phone was missing, he drove down to the O1 bus stop and met the accused and the unknown person.

The accused denied taking the phone but had later admitted to police he took the phone when he was brought to the police station.

He gave the mobile phone to the police and the police gave it back to the complainant.

Newsroom, Honiara