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Adult male dies after OBM collides with canoe in Guadalcanal

17 June 2021
PPC for Guadalcanal Province Chief Superintendent Alfred Uiga.

Officers of the Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF) at Henderson and Macau 
Police Station are investigating the death of an adult male person in his 50s after an Outboard Motor (OBM) engine run on top his dugout canoe in East Central Guadalcanal last night (16 June 2021).

Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Guadalcanal Province, Chief Superintendent Alfred Uiga says, “The incident happened last night between 11 and 12 pm where a group of men from Babasu village left from a school fundraising on board a 30 horsepower engine heading in an easterly direction to Siarana village.”

PPC Uiga says, “They travelled along the coast and ran on top of the 50 –year-old male person’s dugout canoe who was fishing at that time. They came back and saw the dugout canoe floating, but no one was inside.”

Chief Superintendent Uiga says, “They checked and saw the man was in the sea.  They rescued him and took him to Totongo clinic, but he died shortly after their arrival.”

Mr Uiga says, “Police officers at Marau Police Station have attended to the incident last night. The officers are still on the ground with the deceased relatives awaiting Henderson police investigators.”

“My condolences to the immediate family members during this sad moment as we lose one of our family member,” says PPC Uiga.

- RSIPF Media