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Driver in police custody over Kwaibala accident 

19 June 2021
The RAV4 that got involved in the recent tragic accident in Kwaibala, near Auki on Monday night. [Photo Supplied]

THE driver of the vehicle which swerved into Kwaibala River, killings its owner on Monday night is now in police custody.

Commissioner of Police Mostyn Mangau in his weekly media conference on Thursday said the vehicle was on its way to Auki Town when it swerved off the road and into Kwaibala River, Malaita Province.

Mr. Mangau said the deceased was sitting on the passenger seat next to the driver’s seat at the time of the accident.

“While the vehicle was in the river, the owner of the vehicle (deceased) told the four passengers including the driver to swim out of the vehicle as it sinks into the river,” Mr. Mangau revealed.

“The deceased who is owner of the vehicle was trapped inside the vehicle,” he added.

Mr. Mangau said the deceased was rescued after a few minutes from the vehicle in the water.

“Police attended the incident and transported the vehicle owner (deceased) to Kilu’ufi Hospital where he was pronounced dead,” the Commissioner of Police said.

He said initial police report revealed that the driver of the vehicle and the vehicle owner were under the influence of alcohol.

Therefore, Mr. Mangau appealed to all drivers not to drink and drive.

“Under the Road and Transport Act, drink driving is not allowed because you are putting your own life and other road users in danger,” he said.

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