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St John Dala Catholic school promotes cultural education

19 June 2021
St John Dala Catholic school students dancing when marking their cultural day last week. [Photo: Solomon Lofana]

SAINT John Dala Catholic Secondary school in Malaita has continued to promote cultural education as part of student’s learning at the school.

The initiative is one of the school’s pride in reviving and maintaining the efforts of promoting culture to students and teachers.

This week, the school hosted its annual cultural day event to promote various cultures from different parts of Malaita as well as to farewell the first semester of the 2021 school academic year.

A total of 10 cultural groups took part in the school cultural day event where the students showcased various cultures through custom dancing.

The dancing groups (students) are from, Bubuitolo, Kakara, Dala South, South Malaita, Dala North, Fote, Central Malaita, North Malaita, Eastern Highlands and Kwaisuliniu.

The school has enrolled students from all parts of Malaita province.

In his address at the event, Chairman of the cultural day committee, Moses Bauri said the event is to remind students, parents and teachers about the treasures of a school's cultural day.

He said the school cultural day is one of the non-academic activities and entertainment that the school has utilised through cultural dances.

“As we are diverse in our cultural groupings, cultural day should always be used as a tool to promote our cultures.”

 St John Dala which was operated under Marist Society of the Catholic Church believes that such an event will help students and teachers to understand each other’s culture and to learn and bound to respect.

“It will help us to understand each ones cultures and to learn and bound to respect. Moreover, it will help us to see that our cultures are our identities.” Mr Bauri said.

 Mr. Bauri said the 2021 cultural day event only highlight two elements of cultural practices.

“What we presented here is just entertainment. Therefore culture is more than what we showcased today.” Mr. Bauri said.

St John Dala Catholic Secondary school is a community of cultural groupings which are the products of the culture which one dares not to deny.

He then encourages parents to be good teachers of cultural practise at home.

“Teach our young people about the values of the cultural practices to help them.” Mr. Bauri.

He also stressed that culture is meant to guide and shape students to become responsible persons.

Meanwhile, the Catholic Education secretary, Ben Aefi said St John Dala is one of the catholic schools in Malaita that continues to promote cultural education for its students since 2010.

He told parents and the community leaders that culture is the base of every family in the community.

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