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Victim who deposited $200k into ‘One Link’ testifies

23 June 2021

THEY (One Link Office) told us to find more customers before they can do payouts, says a One Link Pacifica Mentor who deposited $200,000 of the scheme’s customers to the office.

Witness Rebecca Gilbert was testifying in the trial against One Link manager Gerrard Tauohu, Tuesday.

It was heard that Ms Gilbert had deposited a total of $200,000 plus $2,000 membership fee to the One Link’s office between 20 December 2019 to 21 February 2021.

She said on the first three occasions, she made the deposits at Riffle Range, West Honiara to Isom Dora and his men.

The court heard she then made the rest of the deposits to One Link’s Office at Chinatown.

Ms Gilbert testified that she knew about One Link Pacifica from her colleague.

She then joined the scheme and became a mentor to take over from her colleague who went overseas.

The witness testified that after she deposited all the customers’ money, she then made her own summary as to the amounts being deposited, dates payments are to be made and the expected amount to be received.

The court heard that the expected amount to be received from all the deposits are more than $400,000.

She told the court since she became a mentor and deposited $200,000 she had not yet received any payouts.

“I went to the One Link Pacifica office to check,” she said when asked if she made any inquiries with the scheme’s office.

She added that they put up a list but only other mentor’s names were on the list.

“We were told that we must get in deposits so the payout can happen.”

Ms Gilbert testified that Isom made an open speech to the mentors to do more investment so they can get the payment.

Fourth prosecution witness, Bernadine Ha’amori had testified she deposited a total of $45,000 on two occasions between December 2019 and February 2020 but had also not received any payments.

She was also a mentor.

Another mentor Helmah Wanebeni who is prosecution witness second witness had given her evidence on Monday afternoon.

She told the court she deposited $40,000 of One Link Pacifica’s customers between 16 December and 11 February 2020 and had not received any payment as of yet.

Tauohu is being tried for five counts of simple larceny before Deputy Chief Magistrate Ricky Iomea.

He allegedly stole more than $460,000 from One Link members between December 2019 and February 2020.

Five of the scheme’s mentor filed their complaints to the police after they made deposits but had not yet any payments.

One Link customers were allegedly advised through the mentors by One Link directors to invest in the scheme.

They were allegedly promised that if they invest in the scheme they will be paid triple the amount they pay in a month’s time.

Tauohu, however, allegedly failed to repay One Link’s customers their money with its interest.

He then allegedly escaped to Malaita last April but was arrested shortly thereafter.

A total of $336,891.20 was recovered from Tauohu when he was arrested.

The trial continues.

Private lawyer Ronald Dive is representing Tauohu while Public Prosecutor Jonathan Auga is prosecuting.


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