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MEA to deal with teacher who poses death threat

23 June 2021
Illegal logging operation operating just above Tawahaule village in the Sesu, Pungu and Esirara customary land areas. [Photo: Wilson Saeni]

THE Malaita Education Authority (MEA) will take action against a Tawahaule Community High School (CHS) teacher, who threatens to kill members of a fact-finding mission in a logging operation in Small Malaita recently.

The incident happened last Tuesday, at the Tawahaule log pond near Tawahaule CHS in front of students, parents, and the media.

The teacher, Fredrick Houma was armed with a knife at the time of the threat and openly threatened to kill members of the fact-finding mission.

He and three other armed men posed an open threat and uttered verbal abusing words during the deed.  

Mr Houma and his group also attempted to grab the Solomon Star camera while raising their knives in what is seen as attempts to cause harm  and taking off with the camera, which they failed in the act. 

When Solomon Star Auki approached the MEA Chief Education Officer, Andy Siarani in Auki regarding the action of the teacher, he said that the teacher is acting like an outsider and not as a professional.   

He said MEA will soon take action against the teacher, and that the action of the teacher as reported is unprofessional and does not speak well of someone who is working in the teaching service.

With that, Mr Siarani said teachers should be role models in schools and not the other way around. 

The Solomon Star understands that the teacher is a strong supporter of a logging company currently operating in Small Malaita. 

Auki News Bureau